Sierra de Cruces, Coahuila, Mexico. The deposit is hosted in hanging block skarns.
The quarry floor after being abandoned ten years.
Looking down on the dump. Yes, we still use the "carreta"
At the quarry looking through the ocotillo to the south.
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The instruments of destruction
Screening for specimens and loose crystals
A male Rio Grande Tarantula wandering through the dig
This deep red Grossular was mined by Sutton and Griffis in 1993 on the Cerro de Moka deposit. Pohl collection
Cerro de Moka Grossular on Wollastonite
Cerro de Moka lies 2 km to the South West of the Santo Domingo Claim for "Raspberry Garnet"
    This was the classic locality for large pink and green Grossular and Vesuvianite. In 1993 two different deposits for red Grossular were discovered. The Cerro de Moka deposit for the deep cinnamon colors was mined out by Sutton and Griffis. Mining continues irregularly for the "raspberry garnets" at the Santo Domingo claim. Mineralogical Record, special Issue III, Nov. - Dec. 2003, Vol. 34, No.6,
Benny Fenn developed the "Raspberry Garnets" location in 1994 and brought to Tucson in 1995.
Large green and pink Grossular are found in Ejido de Alicantes ranch, North East of the Santo Domingo Claim.
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Ejido de Alicantes Ranch
Grosssular, Santo Domingo Claim
Blue Grossular