Amelia Mine,
Santa Rosalia, Boleo District, Municipio de Mulege, Baja California Sur,
    Santa Rosalia lies halfway down the Baja highway. As the road drops from the central plateau through a series of hairpin turns with no shoulders, an incredible view of the sea of Cortez opens up. The desert there is very hot and dry. A wierd assortment of cacti and euphorbias endemic to the area make this a wonderful place to experience.
    The town was founded by the French and has a church designed by Eiffel. It is a very rich Humbolt squid fishery.
    With the district having a deepwater port it would seem to be a perfect match for the new mine going in. It is hoped that additional recovery of nickel and cobalt can make it pay. With the new work going in, the Amelia mine collapsed late in 2012. A few brave souls were still wiggling in there before that bringing out specimens and some could be found in the dumps. Recently a few specimens of Chrysocolla pseudomorphing Cumengite had been coming out from a location a few Km to the south. Some have argued for it to have been Cuprite but the argument is not as compelling. This location is now mined out.
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Nuff Said
Our guide and Levin.
Chrysocolla from the area
The Amelia Mine and dump in 2002
Looking north from the Amelia Mine
Levin and our guide checking out a huge pile of Murex shells from a previous miners parties, said to be tasty and an aphrodisiac
Minerals for Sale