Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico
  This area was worked for metals long before the Spanish came to the new world. It became one of the first new mining centers for the Conquistadores. Known for it's rich silver deposits through the centuries, the mines are now shut down due to a long strike. The town is now a UNESCO world heritage site and is also one of Mexico's "Pueblo Magico" or "Magic Towns". With it's white walls, red tile roofs and cobblestone streets, it truly is a joy! It is also widely known for it's Silver work. Beautiful hotels and great restaurants make it complete. For much more information see the Mineralogical Record, Mexico Special Issue, September-October 2011, Vol.42, No. 5. Taxco Article by J. des Rivieres and D. Beals
The twin towers of the Santa Prisca church adjoining the Zocalo
The Noche Buena or Poinsetta was found here by the American ambassador Poinsett. This huge display is in front of the Santa Prisca.
The cobblestone streets can be explored for days or the hundreds of Volkswagon taxis can take you cheaply anywhere.
Inside the Los Arcos Hotel and the one of my favorite restaurants, The Sotavento.
One of the countless rooftop views looking towards the Santa Prisca.
Many little boutique and grand hotels fill the town that can satisfy every budget.
whimsical details are everywhere in the stonework.
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