Piedra Parada (Las Vigas),
Municipio Tatatila, Veracruz, Mexico
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Las Vigas, Veracruz is well known as an Amethyst locality. The actual source is located 12 Km to the north across a huge valley. Piedra Parada is a small village strung along a mountain ridge. Originally the amethyst was brought out in packs and on donkeys, an arduous trip that could be over four hours.
See The Mineralogical Record, special Issue No. III, Nov.-Dec 2003,Vol. 34, No.6
Minerals for Sale
The village of Piedra Parada continues on both sides of the road for over 1 Km
Local bus, patience is a virtue.
Looking across the valley, just below the ridgeline is Piedra Parada.
Looking from Piedra Parada across the valley, Las Vigas sits just above the canyon
Don Epimenio controls the claims where the classic amethyst with Epidote occur.
Piedra Parada (las Vigas0
A rare example of Barite with Amethyst from Piedra Parada
                  BD Collection
On the Cruz family claims was found a walk in pocket, 15 meters long that produced thousands of specimens
An incredible specimen!
Two very large plates of Amethyst, sceptered with fensters and numerous enhydros
Eng. Jorge listening to a miners story.
Part of a very nice lot of Amethyst.